For those who want One on One Attention & Focus. Create your own Personalized Sessions at a time and day that’s convenient for you.
Choose from one of these Workouts or Create your Own:
Hardcore – No excuses, I’m ready to work hard, intense fat burning workouts, strength training and nutritional guidance
Less Stress – It’s time to connect and experience more self compassion. Learn meditation, stretching, and body care. Ideal for those ready to Manifest & Relax
Find Your Fitness – Find the Joy in working out again. Muscle strengthening, interval training & body care. Looking for support and accountability? This is for YOU.

Punch Cards

Ideal for those who want the most cost effective rate for group fitness classes. Expire in 3 months. Transferable. These punch cards may be used for all locations & times of Group Fitness Classes.

These classes are ideal for those who are looking for an efficient total body workout. A variety of exercises are introduced to keep the body challenged, and curious. Receive semi personal training, social networking, and educational nutrition tips for overall health. Learn how to workout with kindness, care, and compassion for your body. These one-hour long classes incorporate cardio, strength, yoga & relaxation. Appropriate for all fitness levels. Bring a water bottle, towel, and a good attitude. See Schedule for class times & locations.


Nutritional “Boot Camp” – For those serious about making a change from the inside out

Tired of the extra weight, tired of the excuses, just tired of feeling frustrated. Get Serious and get Support.

This is a 5 Week Program with Inspirational & Educational Support.
In order to participate you must 
  • Complete a 7 Day Food Journal
  • Complete a Questionnaire about your current habits, self sabotage, lifetime struggles, and deepest desires
What this package includes?
  • 7 Day Food Journal & Questionnaire  – week #1
  • 1 Hour Consultation after completing the 7 Day Food Journal & Questionnaire -week #2
  • Daily check in (via text, email, or private FB)
  • 1 30 min. Check In at week 3 (phone or in person)
  • 1 30 min. Check in at week 4 (phone or in person)
  • 1 Hour Check in at week 5 (phone or in person)
  • 8 recipes with shopping lists
What will you learn? 
  • What foods are right for your body.
  • How to create meals & snacks that will give you energy & sustained blood sugar levels
  • How to avoid overeating & unconscious eating
  • Meditation techniques to build self acceptance & self compassion
  • Create habits that you can sustain for life
  • Celebrate your awareness
I will be with you every step of the way, teaching, encouraging and supporting you on finding the right way to fuel your body and soul. I look forward to keeping you accountable & successful as you improve your health & well being one step at a time.