Eppie’s Great Race

One of the things that keeps me on track with my motivation for exercise, is committing to an Race! Training with a group is a super smart way to be held accountable, learn safe, effective ways to train, practice body care, and meet positive healthy people!
I’m psyched up this year for Eppies Great Race on July 21st, 2018.
This race consists of a 6 mile run, 12.5 mile bike, 6 mile kayak.
You may do the whole race as an Iron person, or select one event and I will match you up with teammates.
Orientation/Registration is Saturday night April 21st 7:30 pm in Rocklin
*Race registration is additional and paid via Eppies Great Race Website at Orientation- Iron person is $120, Teams $180 before May 1st


Achieve IT Training Program
Price $179 (includes 6 group race course practices, weekly training calendar, & personalized coaching support )


Payment plan – 3 easy payments $65
1 payment due April 21st
2nd payment due May 19th
3rd payment due June 23rd

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