Climbing Half Dome

20+ mile hike, 4,000+ elevation climb, 15+ hours – completed in one DAY.

The price $529 Includes:

Orientation – Sunday June 24th 4-5pm REI Roseville ($129 Non – Refundable Deposits Due) We will review all hike logistics including distance, elevation, start times, shoes, backpacks, water requirements, training assignments, qualification practice, safety, harness, cables & much more.

  • Two nights accommodations at Half Dome Village Tent Cabins
  • Permits to Hike Half Dome (now required 7 days a week)
  • First Practice hike Saturday July 7th 6am – 4pm – LOCH LEVENS
  • Second Practice hike Saturday August 18th – 6am – 4pm – PETER GRUBB HUT
  • Third Practice Hike – Saturday September 1st – 5am – 8pm – MT. TALLAC
  • Guided hike up Half Dome on Thursday September 13, 2018 – arrive to Yosemite Wednesday 9/12/18, depart Friday 9/14/18
  • Celebration Party at Half Dome Village


Experience a deep connection to Yourself & Nature!


Non refundable deposit $129
$100 (due 7/7/18)
$200 (due 8/18/18)
$100 (due 9/1/18)

Refund Policy
There is NO guarantee we will make it to the top. The Safety of our team is always our FIRST priority
$129 NON – Refundable deposit
Absolutely No refunds after August 18th, 2018


Skills used

Push Ups


Experience a deep connection to Yourself & Nature!

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