It’s time to declare a place and time to take care of ourselves!

It’s time to strengthen our muscles, pump up our hearts, stretch our bodies, clear any stuck emotions, and focus on our inner being.

3 DAYS A WEEK – Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30am-9am PST. 30 MINUTES OF FOUS AND DEDICATION TO your Physical Body, Emotional Clearing, & Spiritual Awareness.
Zoom link available!

Rituals are a place of PURPOSE, RENEWAL, & Re-Uniting with the ENERGY OF ACTION. Exercise Rituals are POWERFUL!



What if I can’t make the M,W,F 8:30-9:30am time?
It will be recorded. Declare what days and times WILL work for you, let me know your plan and then stick to it!! I will send you a recording.

How much does it cost?
FREE – It is my gift to you


What kind of exercises will you do?
A variety of different things like breathing, stretching, lifting weights, intervals, walking, squats, push ups, ab crunches, etc.

What if I can’t do some of the moves?
I always encourage variations. There is always a replacement move. Always! And a good variation is just as awesome!

What does Inner Work mean?
A place to discover what’s inside of you. Be-friending those quiet whispers of intuitive knowing. Asking questions, giving time to contemplate, notice our thoughts, change habits, let go, re-define, step into your true power & love!

When does it start ? How long will it last?
Officially starts Friday April 10th – Friday May 1st.
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. 8:30am – 9am
3 Weeks of Commitment.

What do I need for class?
Designate a space where you will do the workout.
Connect through zoom via your laptop, or phone.
Dress comfortable, bring water bottle, journal, pen, & sweat towel.
Bring all of YOU. The motivation, the resistance, the fear, the curiosity, the determination, the encouragement for yourself, for support for others in the class, the desire to DISCOVER & UNCOVER BEAUTIFUL YOU.

Check out the first recorded version of the MOVEMENT RITUAL * still working out the kinks of the sound, patience please. 🙂