I have never felt more healthy in my life. I can do things I never thought possible. I tell her all the time she saved my life. And I don’t say that lightly.

Deborah Sparks
I love the energy from the group, the inspiration Mechelle, Pepe and Timarie give to all of us, the new friends we make and of course it inspires me to get my butt going and exercise! Oh wait did I mention how beautiful Angel Island is and how much fun we have after the race in Tiburon!! 
Angel Island 2018 or Bust!!
Julie Palmer Berlin

Chrissy and I were just talking about how much we enjoy your class as we walked today. All because of your advertisement at Jamba Juice …

Deborah Sparks

Mechelle you are such a blessing to me and I LOVE coming each week. Thank you for pushing us in a good way!

Julie Gammelgard

Mechelle is one of the most positive and inspirational trainers I’ve ever met. She is the reason I am a runner today. Her workouts are fun, full of energy and catered to each person’s individual fitness level. She is extremely knowledgable about every aspect of fitness and nutrition. She motivates everyone to achieve their highest level of fitness. I look forward to her classes each week.

L. Fox

It was a very fun class! Can’t wait for the next one!

Joanne Klint

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We care about our customers!

What happens when you are part of the Achieve IT Team?  You are immediately Loved, Accepted, and Cared for. We will meet you exactly where you are physically, and mentally. We teach you to honor the physical body, and have gratitude for where you are at this present moment. It’s a beautiful beginning to where you want to go. Support, encouragement and inspiration are right here with you as you train HARD, SMART, & with the intention to have results you desire!

Why we are different

As a previous competitive gymnast & triathlete, Mechelle has a wealth of information about the physical body, proper form while training, effective training techniques, & stretch/strength routines that keep you injury free, and safe.
While technical and practical education is vital in a trainer, Mechelle also encompasses the Body, Mind, Spirit connection. She was introduced to Yoga, and Meditation in her early 20’s, and has over 20 years experience in this field. She brings into each class an element of Contemplation and Self Compassion. In classes, we focus on tuning into the body, making a conscious connection to how we are feeling each moment. We honor the truth about our bodies. We push to our capacity, but not past it. It takes practice and awarenss to connect to the body in such a deep way.  It’s so important to be able to know when enough is enough, and when we CAN go further. We practice this through breathwork, constant awareness, silent meditation at the end of class & always, always, 3 Breaths of Gratitiude at the end of each class.